Gift Leremi, the late Mamelodi Sundowns player. Who also played for Orlando Pirates, was not just a talented soccer star; he was a beloved son, leaving behind an estate that has now become a subject of contention. Leremi’s father, Robbie Leremi, finds himself at odds with both the football club and CAF President Patrice Motsepe, as they navigate the complex matter of Gift‘s assets.

Robbie Leremi, currently residing with the footballer’s daughter, has voiced his grievances against the club and Motsepe, accusing them of sidelining him in favor of Gift’s former girlfriend, Mamello Ralematha. According to Robbie, they seem to be prioritizing Ralematha, over him in matters about Gift’s estate.

In his quest for justice for his son, Robbie has reached out to Patrice Motsepe and Yogesh Singh, Sundowns’ legal head, via emails to inquire about the late soccer star’s assets. However, his attempts to get answers were met with silence, prompting him to follow up with another email to Yogesh, expressing his frustration at the lack of progress.

Singh eventually responded, informing Robbie that unfortunately, they could only share Gift’s information with the executor of his estate not anyone else. This revelation only added to Robbie’s frustration as he believed he should be more actively involved in the decision-making process regarding his son’s estate because Mamello was not married to Gift.

A crucial aspect of the dispute revolves around the authenticity of Gift’s will, with Ralematha raising questions about the signature on the document. In response, the matter was referred to handwriting experts to verify its legitimacy.

Signature expect Greenfield emphasized that natural variation can occur in an individual’s signature, which makes it not uncommon for someone to have multiple ways of signing documents.

Robbie Leremi is deeply hurt and shocked that Mamelodi Sundowns chose to sideline him and engage primarily with Ralematha regarding Gift’s estate. He remains determined to fight for his son’s justice, vowing not to rest until the matter is resolved to his satisfaction.

The legal battle over Gift Leremi’s estate serves as a stark reminder of the importance of unambiguous estate planning for public figures and individuals alike. It highlights the complexities that can arise when loved ones, clubs, and external parties become involved in the aftermath of a person’s passing.

As the legal process moves forward, it remains to be seen how the case will ultimately be resolved and whether all parties involved can find common ground in honoring the soccer star’s legacy.