The Soweto giants Moroka Swallows have since been relegated from the PSL and struggled to make a return to the top flight football. It was a sad and disappointing moment to see the legacy of such a big team going down the drain.

However, things looks set now as Swallows FC, which played in the DSTV Premiership for a few years, has announced it official name change. Swallows FC have indicated that they will from today be referred to as Moroka Swallows FC.

“Swallows Football Club will officially be referred to as Moroka Swallows FC from today.” The team announced on their social media platforms.

Their announcement comes as great news to the great supporters of the mighty Moroka Swallows. Fans reacted with pleasure to the news, as they indicated that they want to see the birds fly again. “Congratulations to everyone who embarked on this journey to make it happen. Maswaiswai, Dube Birds. Don’t follow me, but follow the birds.”

“Wow, I’m so proud and respect you guys for fighting tooth and nail to reinstitute the memory of this great South African football brand. Take a bow. I wish our footballing community had a similar respect. Not this franchise selling rubbish. Don’t follow me, follow the birds.” A social media user said.

Let’s hope that after so many years, they are back to continue enriching the history of the team and make it colorful. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to achieving this feat after such a long time.