In a groundbreaking move, Nasreddine Nabi has been appointed as the head coach of Moroccan champions ASFAR Rabat. This historic signing marks the first time a non-Moroccan African coach has taken charge of ASFAR Rabat. Nabi’s two-year contract comes after being previously linked with Chiefs, who ultimately signed Ntseki.

ASFAR recently secured the Botola Pro championship title, emerging as the dominant force in Moroccan football. Their exceptional performance prevented Wydad AC from clinching the league quest, as they had to settle for second place.

While Nabi was initially rumored to be joining the Chiefs, the South African club opted to sign Ntseki instead. Now, all eyes are on Ntseki to see whether he can live up to expectations or if Chiefs will regret their decision. The future outcomes of these appointments remain uncertain.

With Nabi’s appointment, ASFAR has shown its ambition and desire to bring in fresh perspectives and diverse talent. By choosing a non-Moroccan African coach, the club could be aiming to foster international collaboration and leverage Nabi’s expertise to elevate the team’s performance further.

Wydad AC, the runners-up in the Moroccan league, faced disappointment in their quest to dethrone ASFAR. Additionally, the club’s interim coach departed for the Jordan national team job following Siya Kheos Kiel da Cruz’s sacking due to poor performances in the CAFCC and Throne Cup.

Nasreddine Nabi has signed a two-year deal to lead ASFAR Rabat, a club known for its rich history and passionate fan base. As the first non-Moroccan African coach in ASFAR’s history, he brings a fresh approach and extensive experience to the team. Expectations are high as Nabi takes charge, aiming to build on the club’s recent success.

The appointment of Nasreddine Nabi as the head coach of ASFAR marks a significant milestone in African football. With his diverse background and proven track record, Nabi’s arrival is set to inject new energy into FAR Rabat. Fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming seasons to witness the impact of this historic coaching decision.