In a recent interview, Supersport United coach Gavin Hunt shed light on Thapelo Maseko‘s departure to Sundowns at the young age of 20. Hunt acknowledged the difficulty in letting Maseko go but emphasized the importance of considering various factors.

A lot of people often complain about players leaving the club, but things have changed unlike before. When things were simple. Agents also want their share.

The decision for Thapelo Maseko to join Sundowns at a tender age amidst fierce competition has sparked debates among football enthusiasts. Some question whether it was premature, considering the presence of seasoned players like Thapelo Morena, Nasir, Mendieta, and Themba Zwane. However, Gavin Hunt, the SuperSport coach. Hunt believes Maseko’s financial security and the possibility of a championship win at a young age outweigh the challenges. While admitting that it was tough to let him go, Hunt understands the allure of such an offer. He recons it was a tough one to let go of Maseko.

Gavin Hunt further shared his thoughts on other players’ moves, like Maswanganyi‘s and Webber’s. When Maswanganyi arrived, he didn’t have a contract and was not playing, but Hunt quickly recognized his potential and recommended his signing. Despite moving to a club with fierce competition like Pirates, Maswanganyi now enjoys financial stability.

Hunt suggests that, apart from money, Webber may have needed a change of environment. The coach emphasizes that player transfers involve multiple factors beyond the surface. They are not merely short-term decisions but rather strategic moves that take various aspects into account for both the player’s and the club’s benefit. Many people are not aware of most of these factors.


One characteristic that sets Thapelo Maseko apart is his bravery on the field. He has displayed courage when facing formidable opponents like Sundowns, Chiefs, and Pirates in the past. This attribute makes him an asset for any team he plays for and further justifies his early move to Sundowns, where he will undoubtedly continue to grow as a player.

The decision-making process is intricate and multifaceted, requiring a comprehensive analysis of numerous factors.