The death of Senzo Meyiwa, the South African football icon, has been the focus of a lengthy and frustrating legal battle for almost seven years.

Meyiwa was tragically gunned down in October 2014 in Vosloorus, Gauteng, during a suspected botched robbery. The incident shocked the South African football community, with many still coming to terms with his untimely death.

The investigation into his death has been a long and troubling journey, with five suspects arrested in connection with the high-profile murder case. However, despite the arrests, the trial has been riddled with delays and setbacks, prompting outrage and frustration from Meyiwa’s family and supporters.

The Meyiwa murder trial only started in April 2022, almost eight years after his death, but it already looks like it may have to start from scratch, leaving his family devastated and frustrated. This is because the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has requested that the case be sent back to the Director of Public Prosecutions, to provide further information needed for the trial.

The delays in the Meyiwa murder trial have been blamed on bureaucratic incompetence, political interference and structural deficiencies within South Africa’s justice system. There have been complaints of a lack of resources, and the slow pace of the investigation has left many wondering if justice will ever be served.

The Meyiwa case is not unique in South Africa, where the wheels of justice often turn slowly. However, it is a high-profile case that has attracted widespread attention and controversy, and the delays and mishaps in the legal proceedings have left the family of Meyiwa feeling hopeless, frustrated and let down.

Many questions still remain unanswered in the Meyiwa case, including the motive behind the murder and the identity of the actual shooter. The investigation into his death has been marred by doubt and uncertainty, with many wondering how such a high-profile case could fall victim to such incompetence.