South African football sensation Luther Singh is in search of a new chapter in his career, the talented player aims to secure a loan and move somewhere else.

Recently, sources have revealed that Luther Singh will not be continuing his tenure with FC Copenhagen. The talented forward is actively exploring the option of a loan move to another European club. Presently, Singh is not even training with Copenhagen but has been working hard on his own to maintain peak fitness and form.

The determined player is no stranger to hard work and perseverance. Through intensive training, he aims to overcome these obstacles and regain his confidence on the field. His resilience and dedication have earned him a devoted fan base, including some Chiefs supporters who long to see him at Naturena.


Luther Singh’s possible return to Kaizer Chiefs (Naturena) has been a topic of debate among fans. Some believe that his presence could significantly bolster the team’s forward line, and they express a strong desire to see him don the Chiefs jersey. However, it appears that the decision lies in the hands of the Chiefs’ management. who has been cautious and meticulous in their approach to player signings?


As Singh seeks new opportunities in Europe, football enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting news of his potential destination. The loan move will not only provide him with a chance to showcase his skills in different leagues but also allow him to gain valuable experience and exposure at the international level.

Bobby Motaung did mention that Chiefs want to sign an attacker when asked about Mhango, but he was tight-lipped about the identity of the player.

As fans speculate about his next move, one thing is certain: Luther Singh’s determination and skills will undoubtedly make an impact wherever he goes, be it a European club or a possible return to SA.